• Andrea Lien

    Modern day hunter & gatherer… Sticks, stones & bones… are the attraction… But, …Leather-craft is the foundation of the work I create at Angel’s Gate studios. This tactile leather medium often melds with other organic materials, found objects and natural elements- often forming into mixed media sculpture, functional art &

  • Annette Ciketic

    Annette Ciketic is a native San Pedran. Trained as an artist and teacher under the guidance of internationally famed Corita Kent (Sister Mary Corita), her style includes exploring the extraordinary surprises of everyday living through various media forms. She began her art explorations designing class room bulletin boards as an

  • Beth Elliott

    I am a sculptor and installation artist. I make art, I eat art. I breathe art. I try to inspire others to make art……BeArt… My art practice explores common, everyday events, ideas and materials in playful, unexpected ways to give an inviting, positive entry with food for further thought as

  • Deborah Wright

    Fundamentally, I am a sculptor. Relentlessly curious, I have cultivated a rich, multifaceted career in the creative field for over 30 years. It has been a privilege to act as conceptualist, designer, fabricator, sculptor, scenic artist and 3-D modeler for a myriad of Fortune 500 companies. Outsider art direction, in

  • Elyse Pignolet

    Born in Oakland, CA, Elyse Pignolet is an American with Filipino heritage, who lives and works in Los Angeles. She attended CSU San Francisco, and in 2001 she lived and studied in Madrid and Barcelona. Pignolet received a BFA in Ceramics from Cal State Long Beach in 2007. Her studies

  • Hyung Mo Lee

    Being With Life And Death Imagine a mountain goat living inside clouds, wet nostrils, nappy fur, dirty hooves, and breath joins the clouds, and then a bear eats it, only a single cloven hoof remains pressed onto moist ground, clouds keep moving. H. Mo Lee 2019 Contact: Hyung Mo Lee

  • Leah Shane Dixon

    Leah Shane Dixon is a digital painter and mixed/multi-media artist. Originally from Long Beach, California, Leah is a graduate of Pratt Institue (Brooklyn, NY) and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Leah’s work has been seen at the Rubin Museum of Art (New York, NY), Beacon Arts

  • Lynn Doran

    Lynn Doran, a native Californian, began her life of adventure and creativity in the 1950s, traveling with her parents whose curiosity led them deep into Mexico, pulling a travel-trailer. Leaving college with a degree in Fine Arts, Lynn immediately started her own company, “Natty,” designing and manufacturing women’s specialized ski

  • Nancy Voegeli-Curran

    Nancy Voegeli-Curran’s artistic practice focuses on the duality between chance and intention. Her sculptures, drawings, and paintings explore process and materiality through the lens of the natural world. Through interweaving multi-layered structures, she creates micro and macrocosms that resemble earthbound or celestial forces and events such as water carving through

  • Patrick Tierney

    Since 1995, Patrick Tierney, 3rd generation Californian has done hundreds of wall mounted and freestanding collage sculptures that address consumer desire through packaging. As an oeuvre, the work utilizes one hundred years or so of product packaging and consumerist ephemera to offer the vantage point of a naïve obsessive collector

  • Phoebe Barnum

    Phoebe Barnum was trained in the traditional studio arts. It is clear that her works are influenced by the Abstract Expressionists. Images at times are enlarged to the point identity of the image is unrecognizable. Interest in a rich surface is evident in the application of these oil pastels. Formal

  • W. S. Milner

    W.S. Milner is interested in the intersection of art and story. Her artwork is based on medieval and ancient imagery found in manuscripts, sculptures, frescos, and archaeological digs. Milner is drawn to magical reality and myth. She creates handheld diptychs and panels that her audience encounters on an intimate basis.