• Delora Bertsch

    Delora Bertsch was born deaf. Her family moved to Milan, Italy, and then moved all over the United States. Delora has had solo exhibits at galleries and museums with Woodbury Art Museum in Utah, Deaf International Art Exhibition in Illinois, Chicago, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. Delora was

  • Elyse Pignolet

    Born in Oakland, CA, Elyse Pignolet is an American with Filipino heritage, who lives and works in Los Angeles. She attended CSU San Francisco, and in 2001 she lived and studied in Madrid and Barcelona. Pignolet received a BFA in Ceramics from Cal State Long Beach in 2007. Her studies

  • Perry Okimoto

    I had the great opportunity of studying overseas with my wife in Italy. We had a teacher who was leading an archeological dig at an Etruscan site. We were able to look through an area littered with pottery shards. The feeling I got by holding, examining and wondering about the

  • Phoebe Barnum

    Phoebe Barnum was trained in the traditional studio arts. It is clear that her works are influenced by the Abstract Expressionists. Images at times are enlarged to the point identity of the image is unrecognizable. Interest in a rich surface is evident in the application of these oil pastels. Formal

  • Rene LaRue

    I am a potter. I am in love with the material and the process. My practice and ideas evolve through making. My work is strongly influenced by the natural environment that I live and play in. After graduating with a degree in Ceramic Art from North Texas State University in

  • Susan Rawcliffe

    Wanting to build a better flute, I study patterns in those of other cultures, including basic acoustic principles. Though my work is deeply personal, it is steeped in my studies of archaic wind instruments, giving my work resonance through time. I make both traditional and innovative flute forms in clay,

  • Yuichiro Roy Kunisaki

    The Love of working with clay, Roy’s is known for working with Porcelain as well as other clays in his studio. His pieces are all high fired to cone 10 (about 2280F). He is fascinated by the material from start to finish. It starts being an almost rock formation that’s