Printmaking: Drypoint

Printmaking: Drypoint
Fridays, 10 AM – 1 PM
8 weeks, March 24 – May 12, 2017
$250 + $25

Drypoint Class Syllabus

The Intaglio Process

Intaglio (pronounced in-TAL-yo) is a printmaking technique with origins that date back to the fifteenth century.

Derived from the Italian word for “engraved” or “cut in.” It refers to the process by which an image is incised into a plate creating recessed grooves below the surface of the plate.

Once the image has been etched or exposed onto a plate, the surface of the plate is then inked and rubbed with a tarlatan cloth, a stiff open-weave textile similar to cheesecloth. Afterward, the plate is wiped lightly once more, leaving a thin layer of ink within the fine recesses of the image.

The inked plate is transferred to the bed of an etching press and is covered by a sheet of dampened printmaking paper. A set of protective felt blankets covers both the plate and paper before they are run through the press. The tremendous pressure from the etching press’s roller forces the ink from the recessed grooves of the plate onto the paper, thus creating an intaglio print.

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